Radio Industry: Latvian Radio

Figure 1.--Here a Latvian boy and his father are listening to a radio broadcast in 1927.

Radio appeared just at the time that Latvia achieved its independence from the Russian Empire. The Bolsheviks tries but failed to restablish control in Latvia. Like other small European countries, Latvia could draw on technological developments in Germny and other countries. We know nothing about the radio industry in Latvia. Hopefully Latvian readwers will be able gto priovide some information. We do not know to what extent radios were manufactured in Latvia. We suspect they were impoeted from Germany and other countries. Nor do we know the extent to which the Government permitted commercial radio to develop, Many Latvians spoke German or Russian and thuis could listen to foreign broadcasts. And because music was an important part of entertaiment broaddcasts, even Latvians who did not speak foreign languages could enjoy foreign broadcastts. As in other European countries, it was mostly middle-class consumers who could afford readers. Most of the German minority did have radios and thus after the NAZI seizure of power could listen to NAZI propaganda broadcasts. German broadcast stations in East Prussia were within range of all three Baltic republics.


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