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Figure 1.--Christian Bale stared in as a British school boy who gets seaparted from his parents when the Japanese seize Shanghai in 1941. Notice his piped blazer and grey shirt.

There are a wide range of sources on media as it is asubject of great interest to many, Most of the interest is centered on movies and television. Less infornmation is available on stage plays and radio. There are many published works. There are also wonderful internet sources. The media in particular has attracted the interest of web masters around the world. Thus a great deal of information can be obtained through intenet searches. HBC invites readers to prepare reviews on favotite movies and television programs. Valuable source material cam be obtained from some of the internet sites. Let us know if know of a particularly good site that we should add here.


One of the best movie and television internet sites is IMDb. At the website you will see in the upper left section, "Search the Database For". Just type in the name of an actor, or the title of a film in this space, then click on the "GO". It will bring up good info and provide links to other sources, too. Most of the actors' pages do not have portraits, though, and film reviews are illustrated only by the cover of its video (if the film IS available on video). This site is great for filmographies of actors and available data on films. Be warned, though, film lovers can spend hours at this site learning more about their favorite films and performers!

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 27, 2001
Last updated: August 27, 2001