Television Programs Illustrating Boys Clothing: The Beverly Hillbillies (US, 1962-71)

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"The Beverly Hillbillies" were an instant success when they first appeared in 1962 and for 2 years were the most popular program in America. This American sitcom had a rather long life. It continued tp be well received throughout the 1960s. The show was preposterous, but it had some great characters. My favorite was Mr. Drysdale. While children rarely appeared on the program, there were a few episodes when they did. I do not know the names of most of these episodes. Most were characters associated with Jethro's schooling. One of the funist was "The Little Monster"--Mr. Drysdale's nephew Milby.

First Season Episode (1962-63)

In the first season of the series, 1962-63, Uncle Jed enrolls Jethro at an elite private school in Beverly Hills (it was the first school they happened upon). The school had a uniform policy - dark blazer, shorts in a grey checked pattern, peaked cap, knee socks, and bow tie. One boy is seen very briefly in uniform. The principal of the school, a tad haughty, is under the impression that Jed and Jethro are enrolling a school-age child in her school, and she sends the men home with a uniform to be worn by the boy the next day. Granny added as much material as possible to stretch the uniform to fit Jethro, but the results are ridiculous, of course.

Other Episodes

In a couple of episodes Jethro brings home some a school friend. Michel Petit plays in one episode as the school nerd - undersized, intelligent, and picked on, but defended by Jethro (bigger and stronger than the other boys, so they leave the boy played by Michel alone). In return, Jethro receives much needed help in schoolwork from his friend. Michel wears long dark trousers and a light colored shirt, not his uniform in this episode. Jethro, Uncle Jed, and even Elly May teach Michel how to defend himself from the bullies.

Other Episode

In another episode Jethro once again plays host to a bookworm. I don't remember what he wore, but it wasn't the school uniform. The boy is a very lonely only child, and his parents are away most of the time. He has only the servants for friends. The Clampett clan show him how to have a rip-roaring, uninhibited good time with lots of fun. At the end of the episode, the boy, polite and gentle to a fault, thanks Jed and the family so kindly and graciously for the good time, the Hillbillies become a bit misty-eyed and let him know he's welcome to visit them anytime.

Jethro's Graduations (1963-64)

Jethro graduates from the 6th grade in the 1963-64 season. A commencement exercise is held in which the boys wear dark long-trousered suits, white shirts, and dark bowties.

The Little Monster (1967)

In one one episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies" Mr. Drysdale's (the banker's) nephew Milby (Teddy Eccles) who is about 11 years old comes for a visit. The boy was named after Mr. Drysdale whose first name was Milford. In this episode Milby plays a junior version of his money-mad uncle. He's a schemer, a little con-artist, and acts just like his namesake--money grubbing. He was the epitome of a bratty, spoiled rich kid. Even Uncle Milburn eventually loses patience with him by the end of the episode and delivers a well seserved spanking--although the real punishment was taking away his money belt. He wears a black blazer, striped school tie, button-down shirt, light blue short pants, black kneesocks, and black leather lace up shoes. It was apparently his his school uniform and included a red peaked cap. The mismatched red cap and light-blue shorts are not correct, of course, for actual school uniforms. There were still American private schools that had short pabts school uniforms in the 1950s, but this had become much less common by the 60s. He was visiting his uncle as his parents had taken off for Europe. He had been expelled from two or three previous military schools for usury. The blazer had a school crest on the breast pocket of the blazer. The "Hillbillies" episode with Teddy Eccles playing Milby Drysdale is entitled "The Little Monster". It aired originally on April 12, 1967, just a couple of months before Teddy's actual 12th birthday. He was born on June 9, 1955. This is one more example of costuming a spoiled rich boy in short pants. His involvement eventually evolves in future episodes into Jethro going to a private school where everyone wears a school uniform. Mr. Drysdale and Miss Hathore mention a previous visit, but to my knowledge that was not an actual episode.


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