Televesion Series: Famous Five (Japan, 19??)

Figure 1.--Another famous English literary character was really a group of five--four children and a dog. The central characters are Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and the dog Timmy. The TV series is based on the Enid Blyton series of books.

We notice a "The Famous Five" TV series in Japan. We do not know if it was called "The Famous Five" or even if the association with Enid Blyton. We do know her books were transferred into Japanese. In the Japanese TV series, the dog does not seem to count as the cast includes five children, three boys and a girl. The children wear contemporary Japnese clothing. Some Japanese movies and television look like the children were not costumed, but just wore their own clothing. Here the children cn be seen in rather stylish clothing and we suspect that the children were costumed. We have no further information about the series. Hopefully our Japanese readers will tell us more.


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Created: 4:50 AM 8/7/2004
Last updated: 4:50 AM 8/7/2004