Boys Costumes Depicted in United States Television Shows: Going My Way (1962-63)

Figure 1.--Here is the boys' cvhoir organized by Father O'Mally in the TV seriies based on the 1944 movie. Gene Kelly replsaced Bing Crtosby.

ABC aired a weekly TV-series based on the 1944 Bing Crosby "Going my way" film. It was a sure fire Christmas film and aited Secember 12, 1962. Gene Kelly and Leo G. Carroll replaced Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald as the the two priests, but the boys again came from the Mitchell Boys Choir. Father O'Malley is again sent to a parish in low-income New York City neigborhood to assist crusty pastor Father Fitzgibbon and his faltering pasrish. Mrs. Featherstone assists as the housekeeper in the rectory. Father O'Malley again meets a boyhood friend, this time running the local community center. It is not a bad film, especially for a TV production. It is difficult, however to recreate the magic in the original film. This wsas Gene Kelly's only attempt at a television seies. It only ran one season.


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Created: 7:28 AM 7/1/2010
Last updated: 7:28 AM 7/1/2010