American TV Programs: The Hardy Boys Mysteries

Figure 1.--Here we see the Disney production of the Hardy Boys. This was the second serial, "The Mystery of Ghost Farm" (1957). Notice the hair styles, popular in the late-50s. The serial appeared as a serial on the "Mickey Mouse Club"/ The boys are Tommy Kirk (left) as "Joe Hardy" posing with his TV Brother Tim Considine as "Frank Hardy".

"The Hardy Boys" is a populsr children's book series kind of a companien deries to "Nancy Drew". We know of five different TV series based on "The Hardy Boys" mystery books. The first series is the one we know best because we saw them at the time. One of the serials run on the "Micky Mouse Club" (1955-??) was "The Hardy Boys Mystery" series which starred Tim Considine. Tim played "Spin" in an earlier series "Spin and Marty". Another Disney mainstay, Tommy Kirk, played the other Hardy Boy brother. Disney contracted with the publishers of the book series, Stratemeyer Syndicate and Grosset & Dunlap, to produce two Hardy Boys TV serials. The first of the serials was "The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure", aired on "The Mickey Mouse Club" second season. he show was primarily watched by pre-teens. Thus Sidney decided to portray the boys as younger than in the books. They were portayed as 11-12 year olds. The script was written by Jackson Gillis who based it on the first Hardy Boys book--The Tower Treasure. It was done in serial form of 19 15-minute episodes. The "Mickey Mouse Club" was an hour show done in four segments. The seials were one of the four segments. The second serial was "The Mystery of Ghost Farm" which aired in 1957. This times Gillis wrote an original


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