*** television shows: The Munsters -- Eddie

The Munsters--Eddie

Figure 1.--Here we see the Munster cast in the pilot. It was the only timme Butch Patrick didn't play Eddie. He was plaayd by Happy/Nate Derman. We are not sure why he didn't get the part. He appeared in bit parts on several other shows. He was slightly older than Butch.

Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster was played by Butch Patrick in all the many episides. While it only frun for wo seasins, there were about 75 episodes. That was stabdard for network prodyctions at th time. For some reason Butch was not in the pilot. Eddie was played by Happy Derman. We are not sure why Butch got the role, but he was a great choice and played Eddie wonderfully. Butch was born 1955. He was an 'ordinary' child who wears what is usually incorrectly described as a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit (he only owns one) and carries a doll. He has dark hair with widow's peak, pointed 'Spocklike' ears, and minifangs: usually green around the gills. We suspect the Spock got bhis wears bvecausde of Eddie. He often carries his doll, 'Wolfie'. (A rare fvition from his normsl American boy role.) Eddie is in the fifth grade at Mocking Bird Heights Elementary School. He is usally vry wll behaved boy, altyhough yhere are occasional issues st school. His achievements include writing a school composition titled 'My Parents, an Average American Family' (written in blood ink) and several ribbons for track competition at school. He opens tin cans with his ears. Preferences include carrying Woof-Woof doll and sleeping in a coffin. He is attached to the family draggon named spot who chases cars, often bringing home the bumper, and mailmen.


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