Figure 1.--.

As HBC has not seen many episodes of "Neighbors" so we have little information on the costuming. We have scene a few episodes. Perhaps readers will be able to comment here. Children are depicted in both their regular clothes and their school uniform. The local secondary school appears to have a short pants uniform with traditional grey shorts. Episodes in 2000 feature Lance played by Bibby-Andrew. He attends a fairly middle class state school. I have not seen any blazers or ties worn although occasionally they will wear a maroon jumper with their uniforms. Most of the boys at the school wear jeans with their shirts, however, the main cast members all seem to wear grey shorts, even up to school leaving age at 18. The show tends to use young adult actors, many older than their characters, for the main roles. The costuming seems quite accurate. A factor here is the contemprary setting.


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