Boys Costumes Depicted in Television Shows: Alphabetical "V" Listings

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HBC will list TV series alphabetically here to make them easier to find. TV shows, except for American TV shows, are generally not well know in countries other than in the countries in which they were made. They are also much more current than movies. Almost all TV shows date from the 1950s at the earliest. Costume dramas have the same problems as in the movies, but a great deal of useful information is avialible from TV shows set in contemporary periods. As non-American TV shows are not as widely distributed as movies, often little information is available on these shows outside each country. Movies are often widely distributed in foreign countries. TV shows, with the exceptiion of American programs, are generally not. As an American, we have, for example, never seen German, French, and Italian TV shows. Thus the TV pages provide a much-needed source of information on foreign programing.

Valerie - (US, 1986-88)

I liked Valerie Harper, she appealed to my liberal sensibilities. Three boys appeared with her. Jason Bateman plays the oldest boy, David. One of the younger boys, Willie is played by Danny Ponce who is portrayed as an athlete. The goody-goody twin, Mark is played by Jeremy Licht. Jeremy also played Anthony in segment #3 of The Twilight Zone, the Movie. Once he goes out for the school wrestling team and his mother goes to the match and drags him out so that he won't hurt himself, humiliating him in fromt of the other boys. Another when he moons the entire student body (Quite out of character) so he won't be perceived as a nerd. The younger boys go out on their first date, which was sweetly presented. Mom tells Willie how "cute" he looks all dressed up. Willie is aghast, "Cute?" he exclaims, but mom quickly changes her adjective. Of course Mark is nicely outfitted in a blazer and tie. By late 1987 the show began to deteriorate. Valerie Harper was fired and Mark is beginning to grow up, adopting an idiotic looking styled hairdo. The name was changed to "Valeri's Family" and then to the "Hogans".

(The) Valley Between - (Australia, 1996)

"Life on the Australian Prairie" is the Anerican release title of "The Valley Between". an Australian mini-series. Our general approach is to include mini-series under movies.

Voices and Visions - (US, 1988)

Profiles on famous Americans carried by PBS. One interesting episode featured Lowell, Robert, the two-time Putlizer prize winning poet. Some of the profile dealt with his childhood, part of the video accompanying the reading of his poems included a boy, always dressed in shorts and knee socks. The camera did not show the boy's face, except in a reflection on the water. He was shown in several different outfits, including a short pants blue suit with blue knee socks. In one of his poems he talks about playing with the little anchor which was part of his sailor suit. His mother apparently babied him a bit, and asked the local librarian (I think) not to let him check out rough adventure and war books.


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Created: May 30, 2001
Last updated: March 22, 2004