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HBC will list TV series alphabetically here to make them easier to find. TV shows, except for American TV shows, are generally not well know in countries other than in the countries in which they were made. They are also much more current than movies. Almost all TV shows date from the 1950s at the earliest. Costume dramas have the same problems as in the movies, but a great deal of useful information is avialible from TV shows set in contemporary periods. As non-American TV shows are not as widely distributed as movies, often little information is available on these shows outside each country. Movies are often widely distributed in foreign countries. TV shows, with the exceptiion of American programs, are generally not. As an American, we have, for example, never seen German, French, and Italian TV shows. Thus the TV pages provide a much-needed source of information on foreign programing.

You Can't Do That on Television (Canada)

This Canadian TV program produced in the 1980s was picked up by American cable networks, especially Nickolonian. Many episodes included clothing. Often skits were built around the boys being dresses in dresses, kiklts, sailor suits, Fauntleroy suits, diappers, and other outfits boys might find enbarassing. I think some of the skits were thought up by the boys themselves. Interestingly the skits involving the girls rarely touched upon clothing. Sometimes the boys appeared in tights and tu-tus. I'm not sure just why other than for comic relief.

Young Charlie Chaplin - (UK)

Another beautifully made British show, albeit sad especially when Charlie, his brother and mother have to go into the work house when their father refuses to support them. Joe Geary brilliantly plays Charlie, perhaps a bit old but I was taken with his infectious smile and laugh. Joe wears knickers, often without shoes and socks. His mother makes him a red jacket out of an old costume and the other kids tease him at school. Some rich kids are pictured in one scene. One little boy wears a sailor suit, but with knickers.

(The) Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - (US, 1992- )

TV serial based on the movie. He wears a variety of knicker outfits. He complained that the formal clothes he had to wear on the warm locations were uncomfortable. He wears a grey knicker suit with wide white collar and tie, but there are various other knicker outfits. He spends most of the episode in a khaki outfit he wears with a pith helmet. One reviewer referred to his performance as "colorless" and that he never seemed anything other than "your basic generic little boy. The show has received rather poor reviews and I must agree that it is rather dull. It has none of the flash and action of the Indy films and the device of continually meeting famous people is a bit strained. They did quite a bit of traveling for the show. He particularly disliked the scorpion he found in his tent. He acquires a strict British governess when they stop over in England. They are careful, however, to make it clearly understood that she is a tutor rather than a governess, for some strange reason.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 2, 2001
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