Boys' Foreign-Language Clothing Glossary: Japan

Figure 1.--Hanzubon were made in many materials, both for dress and play wear. One popular material for play wear was denim like these jean Hanzubon.

We have only just begun our Japanese glossary, pulling together the Japanese terms from the Japanese section of HBC. As we have no Japanese language capability, here we have to rely on an on-line dictionary and our Japanese readers. Hopefully our Japanese readers will provide us more Japanese terms to add to the glossary or correct and refine the terms that we have found.

Japanese Clothing Terms

Translations of clothing terms into Japanese words can be found on these pages.

A-L terms

M-Z terms

Unknown terms

On-line Dictionaries

We have found a useful on-line dictionary that readers can use to persue more clothing related terms. Please let us know if you find additional terns that should be included in our Japanese glossary. I used this dictionary twice and it worked beautifully, then all of a sudden stopped working.

Japanese Clothing Terms

Building a Japanese glossary is much more difficult than the European language glossaries we have begun. A Japanese-speaker explains, "Foreign language glossaries are a nightmare because so much of the meaning of Japanese words is tied up with the characters used to write them. Of course the words for Western clothing are usually derived from European terms--usually English. Words derived from Western languages such as shottsu or shatsu --shorts or shirts -- are written in a special alphabet akin to italics. A word that compounds an original Japanese term with a Western term -- tanpan would be an example --Japanese word for "short" plus word derived from the English "pants" will be written in a mixture of characters and alphabets. One needs Japanese language software to read it fully."

Japanese Characters

Most Japanese cannot easily read Japanese words written in Roman letters. They are not used to it and have to piece the words out painfully. HBC needs to find a way of getting those words into Japanese characters. Of course that requires that your computer have Japanese software. That is a problem HBC hopes to address so we can make our site more accesable to our Japanese readers. Hopefully Japanese readers will assist us in this process.


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Created: October 16, 2001
Last updated: September 26, 2003