military influences and uniforms

Military Garments: Boys' Usage

Figure 1.--his boy about 1990 wears a camouflage outfit. I don't think it was an actual group uniform, but rather an outfit that he or his parents chose.

Boys also wore uniforms or more commonly uniform garments even though they were not in the military or a uniformed youth group. Many military garments have become popular boy's garments. The most obvious of course is the sailor suit and the many garments (cap, middy blouse, reefer jacket, ect.) associated with it worn by boys. Other popular items included the balaclava, various navy and army caps, aviator cap, bomber jacket, duffle coat, poncho, and a variety of other items. Camouflage garments became popular in the 1990s.


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Created: 3:15 AM 12/14/2004
Last updated: 3:15 AM 12/14/2004