Boys' Uniformed Group: Activities--Cooking

Figure 1.--These Scouts are cooking their dinner on a campout during 1964. I'm not sure what tasty morsel these two are cooking up. Notice the rampant lion shoulder patch. I'm not sure. Is that a Scottish Scouting badge?.

Those of us who were involved in Scouting know that camp fire cooking was something that almosy all scouts got involved with. Some of course were more skilled than others. Some of us mostly did hotdogs and hamburgers, but others became quite skilled at cooking over a camp fire. This depended a lot on the camping program. There are countless images of both Cubs and Scouts involved in some kind of cooking. Curiously while virtually all Scouts got involved in camp cooking, we note that Hitler Youth and Young Pioneer boys are rarely depicted involved in any kind of cooking. This no doubt had something to do with the program, but perhaps it was also affected by how these organizations wanted the boys pictured.


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Created: May 6, 2004
Last updated: May 6, 2004