Boys' Historic Uniforms: The 1960s

Figure 1.--British Scouts like Scouts around the world had sgort pants uniforms in the 1960s, but decided to change to new long pants uniforms in 1969.



World Scouts in 1963 hold the 11th World Jamboree in Marathon, Greece. It is attended by 621 American Scouts for a total of 14,000 Scouts from 88 countries. The 12th World Jamboree, was held at Farragut State Park, Idaho in 1967. It was attended by 4,435 American Scouts for a total of 12,000 Scouts from 105 countries.

The BSA celebrates the Golden Jubilee in 1960. The Post Office issues a commemorative stamp. The Johnston Historial Museum at New Brunswick, N.J. is dedicated in 1960. American Scouts hold the 5th National Jamboree, Colorado Springs, CO in 1960, continuing the policy of alternating between coasts. Attendance totals 53,378. The BSA in 1960 conducts another national get-out-the-vote campaign. The BSA Inter-Racial Service in 1961 begins projects in public housing. The BSA in 1962 holds the first National Explorer Delegate Conference at Ann Arbor, MI. American Scouts in 1964 hold the 6th National atJamboree, Valley Forge, PA. The attendance totals 52,000. The BSA in 1965 launches the Inner-City Rural Program. The BSA in 1967 launches a new Wood Badge program, changing the emphasis from Scout skills to leadership. A commemorative tribute sculpture in 1967 is placed in front of the White House. The 500,000th Eagle badge is presented in 1965. The BSA adopts a revised charter and by-laws in 1966. The BSA dedicates the Ernest Thompson Seton Library and museum at Philmont in 1967. The BSA introduces an updated Cub Scout program in 1967. The Lion rank discontinued and the Webelos Scout program begun. Girls in 1969 were allowed to participate as non-registered Explorer Scouts. The 7th National Jamboree, was held at Farragut State Park, ID in 1969. Attendance totaled 35,000.


Scouts around the world still mostly wore short pants in the 1960s. Even American couts began to wear the short pants uniform more commonly, but not American cubs. The British Scouts, however, took the major step of adopting long pants. Most groups around the world still insisted on uniforms.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: January 21, 2000