Frequently Asked Questions

Figure 1.--This American Cub Scout in the early 1930s appears to be wearing above the knee knickers.

Many of you have asked a variety of subjects about this web site. As I want to reserve my time for actually working on the web site, I thought I'd answer your questions here.

1. Where are the images? Why don't they show up on most pages? Good question. The reason is simply money. The readership of HBU reached such a level that our host began making site usage (bandwith) charges. These charges were quite substantial, beyond what HBU could finance without assistance from our readership. We ask that you make a small contibution to help support HBU and othersections of the HBC site. Contributors will be provided an access code which will allow all of the images to be seen.

2. Why just boys uniforms? What about the girls?: Help! Help! This project has mushroomed as it is. I thought by focusing on boys I could restrict the subject somewhat. There is way more material than I can handle as is. I think, however, that someone should address the subject of girls' uniforms. Some of the historical material I've collected would help in that enerprise and I would be glad to assist. We will be glad to link your site with ours. Some of the historical and chronological information as well as some of the garment and organization information overlap. I certainly hope someone will eventually start just such a project.

3. Why are there so many broken links? Yes that is a problem. It is a result of the move from the old Geocities site. We are making progress in correcting them. Please let us know whenever you encounter a broken link.

4. Can we contribute material anonamously? We do prefer to indicate sources as a confirmation of authenticity. However, we recognize that some of you are a little shy about your own personal experiences. Thus we do accept anonamous submissions. Please note that we would never use someone's name without first obtaining their permission.

5. I disagree with some of your comments on styles, fashions, dates, ect. Great! I'd love your input. America is a big country. Styles and preferences, especially in the era before television were much more localized. In addition, fashions in different countries varied. Let me know if you see anything you think should be changed.

6. Why are uniforms so important? I don't understand your interest? It seems to me that history should deal with more imporant matters.: Yes, I think history has generally dealt with the important leaders and the major events, like wars and depressions. I have no quarel with that, such events need to be covered. That doesn't mean, however, that other subjects should be ignored. I think that social history has too often been given short shrift by historians. This web site seeks to have a look at one aspect in the life of children over the past 500 years. I think it is a subject that has been sorely neglected. If it bores you, fine. Tune into History Channel and watch the Germans invade France for the one millionth time.

7. Why are there no photographs with some of the pages? I'm sorry that I have been unable to illustrate all of the pages. My goal is to have photographs and art work to illustrate all of the different youth groups and periods. I have some more to add, but it is all a matter of time and I will gradually be adding more information amd images. Unfortunately, I have only so many images. I would greatly appreciate any images or other information you might have to add to this web site.

8. Why did you leave out some organizations? We have only begun this web site. I'm sure there are a number of youth groups, especially in other countries that I haven't covered. We would be very interested in adding information and images on other organizations, but will need your help in collecting material. This is to big a job for just a few people. In addition, information on the smaller organizations or smaller countries is often difficult to obtain.

9. Can you tell me about the history of HBU and how the interest was sparked etc. Can you tell us how and why did HBU come into existence. HBU is a section of a larger web site, Historical Boys Clothing. We have discussed the HBC history on the HBC website.


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