Boys' Irish Step Dancing Costumes--Outfitting

Figure 1.--Moms and sometimes dads help the participants get their costumes just right. Notice the sash and kilt or the same color and material.

Boys need a great deal of help getting their dancing costumes just right. The contestants at feoses are greaded on their costume--noy only the costume itself, but how well they wear it. Usually mothers, sometimes dads, check to see the boys' hair is combed, the tie is right, the shirt tucked in, the knee socks pulled up, the shoes shined, and other small details. During the feis it is possible that the shoes get scuffed--so a lot of little details need to be checked. Often the boy is thinking more of his dance routien.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 20, 1999 Last updated: July 17, 2000