Ring Bearer Costume Opinions


The costume for the ring bearer appears to often engender some discussion in the preparation for the wedding. There are widely differnt opinions concerning how the ring bearer should be atired. This contrasts with the flower girl where there is much less difference in opinion. Here are some of the opinions that HBC has noted.



Children should not wear evening clothes or any predominantly black outfit. -- James Andrews:

Generally agree--weddings are an exception though, when a little boy who is the ring bearer should wear a tux. It's cute, and everyone knows it.

I think he'd look better in a little suit, say, with short pants, or better still, left at home.

And that's why I drink. Do not ever, under any circumstances, but a small boy in a suit with short pants. That will end up being why HE drinks. It's tough enough to be a kid...

Depends on how little the boy is. My mom put my brother in a little Eton suit when he was, oh, 2 1/2 -- short pants, jacket with a crest, saddle shoes, the whole bit. Doesn't seem to have done him the slightest bit of harm, and he really did look cute. Of course, if he had been, say, 5 or 6, it would have been different, no doubt.

Personally, I think 7 is a bit old for short pants or knickers. I'd go for either pants and vest or a suit for that age. In fact, my oldest is almost 5, and that's what we go with for him (he's quite tall for his age, so most people guess him older, and I think he looks a little silly now in short pants). I was in Nordstrom the other day and saw the most beautiful suit for boys. It was a black wool three-piece suit with a four button coat. They showed it with a silver-gray shirt and tie, and it was absolutely stunning. Alas, also quite expensive, so I doubt it'll be on Adrian's list right now when he already has another suit and other dress clothes that are meeting all his needs right now :-( I can't believe how grown-up they look when they start wearing adult looking clothes--he was just a baby yesterday, wasn't he?! Happy shopping. -- Ericka Kammerer

Formal Wedding

Our son is getting mairred in June. Our daughter in law's family is planning a very formal wedding and have asked our youngest son to be the ring bearer. He is 6 years old. They want him to wear a short pants sailor suit with white kneesocks. He was excited about the idea until he saw the costume they had planned. We want to cooperate with the wedding plans and are a little unsure just how much to incourage him to go along with the plans. We'd appreciate your thoughts. -- Paula

I would continue to encourage him about wearing the outfit, he may change his views as the days go by. You could also discuss other parts of the wedding that would be fun for him and take his mind off of the actual outfit. If he's really intent on not wearing the sailor suit, maybe you could talk to your son and his fiance about it and see if there is anyway he could change it. (Most of the ring bearers I've seen wear little tuxes just like the "big" men) Perhaps, having him wear a similar outfit would be easier for him. I hope this helps...Feel free to ask me anything else, or if you would like to add to my comments please do! -- Kimmie

Prince outfit

I am having a June garden wedding and hate the look of little boys in tuxedos. I though a little prince's outfit would be perfect for the ring bearer, only, I can't seem to locate what I am looking for. You know those white long sleeve cotton shirts that are A-framed from the neck to the hip. The boys wear the blouses outside of the pants. I think the bottoms are bloomers with high socks, but I am not quite sure. I have spent a lot of time on the internet and the Renaissance and Elizabethan sites do not seem to have what I am looking for yet. -- Sandi

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 30, 1998
Last updated: March 9, 2002