Descriptions of Weddings with Ring Bearers

Various individuals have decribed the ring bearers at weddings they attended:

This sounds like the wedding I went to (which I think is the one Lisa is referring to)! My best friend married a Scotsman, and all the men in the wedding party wore kilts, including the 4-yr. old ringbearer. The groom's parents had their family crest put on the kilts, which was a really nice touch. This wedding also had a bagpiper leading everyone out of the ceremony. It was held on Columbus Day, and the weather was perfect! Definately the most interesting and festive wedding that I have ever been to - and held outdoors - can't beat that! (Mary Esser, 1997)

My oldest son, now 17, was a ring bearer when he was 6 in 1990, I still have the outfit stashed in a garment bag somewhere.Dark blue velvet eton suit with a ruffled collar shirt,He wore it one other time and that was it, kids are not dressed that way at all now, and there is a lot less arguing too!

hi, i have had both of my boys in weddings when they were small, both times the bride(or mother of in one case)kinda indicated what she had in mind. One was in a mini tuxedo at age 4 and looked really ridiculous. He looked like an older short person ... and the tuxes that you rent for little ones are terribly made and fitted. My other boy was in an outfit with velvet knickers and a white blouse that matched the flower girls outfit. the brides mother had bought the suit from a catalog called PEGEEN.He was 6 at the time (1997), but I am sure they would have sizes for toddlers. He looked cute in the lace Peter Pan collar blouse, white tights, knickers but it was the only time he ever wore it!! I was not aware of the Wooden Soldier, and if you read this ,thanks to Ericka for the tip. They sent me a catalog and it arrived today...real cute stuff! I saw knicker outfits for brother and sister for the holidays that were adorable. My 5 yr old daughter is perfect for the style' but I am afraid my 7 year old boy is too old (though they have size 8)...what do you all think?

Christopher Wagner


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Created: March 30, 1998
Last updated: February 19, 2000