*** artists illustrating boys fashions: Robert Thornburn royal family

Robert Thornburn: Royal Family Work

Figure 1.--This Robert Thorburn minature was painted in 1847. It is Queen Victoria with Bertie, Prince of Wales her eldest son. They are charmingly depicted in medieval costume.

Robert Thorburn is best known as a minaturist. While born in Scotland, his career is largely associated with England. He and Sir William Charles Ross were the most popular minaturists at the time with impressive society clinentel. Thornburn mostly painted on ivory. The Queen heard of his work and was impressed. She describes '� splendid miniatures, with such depth of colouring & such power as I have never before seen in a miniature'. Thornburn received his first commission from the Queen (1844). We believe that is was a minature of the Queen in mourning as a result of the death of Albert;s father Ernst, the Duke of Coburg. More minatures followed including one with the Prince of Wales. We note a charming 1847 minatue with the Queen and Bertie of Wales Prince painted in medieval costume (figure 1). The Prince would have been about 6 years old.


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