** Samuel Woodforde (England, 1763-1817)s

Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Samuel Woodforde (England, 1763-1817)

Figure 1.--This is Samuel Woodforde's portrait of James Bennett (1745–1815) and his London family. His wife was Mary Clutterbuck (1762–1853) seen playing the harp. They married in Truro (1789). The girl with the tambourine is their eldest daughter Mary (1790–1867). Beside her, holding a triangle, is her sister Eliza (1791- ). The boy in black is the eldest son James (1793–1872) and the boy in red is his brother Henry (1795–1874). The older girls are involved in music with their mother. The boys are playing marbles. Both are wearing velvet skeleton suits. They would have been about 8-10 years old. The girl sitting on the carpet is Juliana Sarah (1794–1873). Her younger sisdter asleep on her lap is Frances Ann (1798–1846). Henry wears a skeleton suits with a large open ruffled collar. James wears a jacket suit with a smaller ruffled collar. The girls all wear white Empire dresses with coral necklaces. Notice their short hair.

Samuel Woodforde was born in Castle Cary in Somerset (1763- ) His father was Heighes Woodforde (1720-1789). His mother was Anne Dorville. Ssamuel was the second son. We know little about his childhood. He learned tp play the violin. He apparently began his career a`t a young age painting inn signs in the locasl villages for spending money. A local banker, Henry Hoare ( -1785) of Stourhead noticing his talent took an interest in Sam andf became his patron. He was able to study at the Royal Academy (1782). He exhibited there (1784-86). He kept diaries, but most are lost. Hoare's ptronge allowed him to study the great masters in Italy (1786-91). He resumed exhibiting at the Roysal Academy (1792). He was active over two dedcades (until 1815). He painted a range of different works including portraits, Italian genre scenes, historical works, and literary scenes. He sent 133 works to the Royal Academy and 39 to the British Institution. He orked in both oils and water colors. He was a popular artisrs and maby of his works were engraded for publication. His style is described as ckasical. He was elected an associate of the Royal Academy (1800) and an academician (1807). He married Jane Gardner (1794- ), probably one of his models (1815). They moved to Italy. Woodforde died of fever at Ferrara (1817). There were no children.


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