*** Australian boys clothes: photography types

Australian Boys' Clothes: Photography--Types

Australian CDV
Figure 1.--Here we see three unidentifies Australain children. The boy weara a blouse jacket, knee pants, and long stockings. The portatit is undated but the CDV mount looks like the 1870s. The studio was J. Deazeley in Brisbane. This was a CDV, but a smaller size than the standard CDV.

A number of European expeimters were wirking on photographt in the earlu-19th century. A ranbge of importabnt achiuevements were noted in Britain and France. The first important commercial photographic process was developed in France -- the Daguerreotype (1839). It was followed by the Ambtotype (mid-1850s). The largest photographic industry developed in America. We do not yet have, however, any of the early photographu types from Australia. Only with the development and great popularity of the CDV so we begin to have any substantial numbr of Australian imnages (1860s). Soon after the CDV, the larger cabinet card appears. Both used the albumen process, the first imprtant process creating negatives allowung copies to be made. Alnimen phiigraphy dominated Europe and Amnerica as well as Australia (1960s-90s). Before the development of the Kodak Brownie in 1900, amateur photographs were not common. Such itinerate professional photographers operated in other countries as well, serving rural populations which could not easily get to photographic studios in towns. The American Kodal Brownie and similar systems curtuall created the family snapshot. Ut brought the family sbapshot with the price ramge of the ordinnary family, further expanding photography and meaning that every day family life could be photographed. Photography was nor as widespread in Australia ascin America--essentially an economic matter. Color photography was developed in Europe and America(1930s), bit did not become wifdespread intil the post-World War II period.


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