Austrian Boys' Clothes: Personal Experiences

Figure 1.--.

Few personal experiences about Austrian boys clothes are available at this time. We have some literary accounts as well as some photographic collections. Readers have contributed some acoounts, bit so far none of our Austrian readers. Hopefully our Austrian readers will provide us more details about their boyhood expeiences.

Breief Accounts

HBC is archiving brief personal accounts on Austria here. A French reader recalls his friend in Austria

Otto Weininger (1880-1903)

When I was in Vienna 3 weeks ago I also paid a visit to the Jewish Museum. There was an exhibition that showed the enormous influence Jews had in Austria until 1938, especially in music, literature and medical science. Men like Gustav Mahler, Sigmund Freud, Stefan Zweig and Theodor Herzl, and many others, were represented in photographs, books, letters and recorded music. In the museum bookstore I bought a copy of Der Fall Otto Weininger (The Case of Otto Weininger) , a German translation of a French book by Jacques Le Rider. The original French title is "Le cas Otto Weininger", subtitle: "Racines de l'antifeminisme et de l'antisemitisme". Otto Weininger was a Jewish wunderkind in Vienna, who started writing essays and books when he was 12 years old. He studied at the University of Vienna, earned a doctorate in philosophy when he was 21, wrote a 600-pages work Geschlecht und Charakter ("Sex and Character") in which he established himself as an anti-feminist and anti-Semite. He claimed that women had not contributed much to civilization and he loathed the fact that he was a Jew. According to him the only solution to the Jewish problem would be found in total assimilation. He converted to Protestantism, not Catholicism (the main religion in Austria), but he made it clear that he did not believe in God anyway. Otto Weininger was born in 1880 and committed suicide in 1903 when he was barely 23 years old. Freud sent his condolences to the parents Rudi

The Mahla Brothers (1890s)

We have two images of the Mahla brothers. We thought that they were German bous, but have since learned that they are Austrian boys. Their names are Wilhelm and Ernst Mahla. Wilhelm was born on September 29, 1888 and Ernst January 12, 1890. The earlier photo of them was taken on April 15, 1894, the later one is undated. The first photo shows the boys weaing matching sailor suits. The second portrait shows the boys wearing Austrian folk costumes. We have no details, however, about the Austrian folk costune that they wore.

Unknown Austrian Boy (1912)

Here we have a potrtrait of an Austrian boy. All we know about the boy is the portrait was painted in 1912. Unfortunately we know nothing about the boy. He wears a white middy blouse and has a short hair cut. The sailor suit was very popular in Austria at the time. Presumably he came from an affluent family.

French-Austrian Boy (1940s-50s)

A French reader recalls his friend in Austria who had French and Austrian parents.

Austrian Cousins (1960s)

A Flemish boy recalls the lederhosen his Austrian cousins wore in the 1960s.


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