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Chinese Demographics: Chronology--People's Republic (1949- )

Chinese demographics

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentfied Chinese family during the 1950s. Tis woukd have beebn an urban family. At the tine, Mao had adopted the policy of ebcouraging the Chinese people to gave more children.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power (1949) and when the Communist desire to control, they addressed demographic issues. Chairman Mao believe that China's large population was an asset. He reasoned that a large population would mean that many Chinese would survive a nuclear exchange. China women produced 2.7 children. (2.1 is needed to maintain a constant population.) China's already large population exploded. The Chinese population growth rate under Mao substantially exceeded the world average (1949-70s). The CCP Government promoted aggressive pro-birth policies. Families were incentivized regardless of productivity by the number of workers. Given the gross economic failure and resulting scarcity of food and consumer goods as a result of the CCP's economic policies, parents resounded by having more kids. Seeing that as the only way to impoive their economic well-being. 【Howden and Zhou】 After Mao, a degree of reality set in. CCP leaders decided the population was out of control and instituted a one child policy (1979). And the CCP was phenomenally successful. A side effect was that millions of girl babies were aborted or euthanized. And by the time the one child policy was ended, the Chinese (especially women) have decided they do not want to have children, especially more than one. The major reason is that it is very expensive to have children. Free labor is no longer needed. Not to mention that children complicate careers. And the Chinese preference for boys means that the demographic balance has been upset. Millions of Chinese men now find that there is no women for them. This has mean that the normal population pattern is totally out of balance. India is now the world's most populace country. The Chinese population is declining. China which has become the workshop of the world is no longer producing the workers needed. and now faces a population collapse. The CCP was able to force Chinese women not to have children. It is now having little success in convincing them to have children. The demographic decline is the steepest in recorded history. The consequence cannot be accurately assessed because there is not known event comparable in history. 【Zeihan】


Zeihan, Peter. Peter has discussed this in countless You Tube postings.


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