Kuwati Boys' Clothes: Garments

Figure 1.--This Kuwait boy wears a Thoab, essentially a long white robe. It is a popular male garment among Arabs inbSaudibarabia and the Persian Gulf emirates. The style of the headdress such as the keffiyeh or kufiya can show nationality.

Our discussion of Kuwati garments is limited by our small archive on the country. Kuwaitis wear both traditional Arab and Western clothing styles. Arab clothing styles are prominent, especially among adults. We do not know of any destinctive Kuwati styles, but rather note genetal Arab styles. Headwear styles can identify nationality. Many men an boys wear traditional garments like the disdash. The word thoab/thawb is Arabic for 'a garment'. It is the traditional male Arabian clothing for men. It is a tunic, commonly white light mterial. The word thoab is used specifically for this garment in Arab Persian Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, and some areas in southern Egypt. Other terms asuch as 'dishdasha' or used in different countris. There are differences about the correct length of the thoab. There are no specifically boys' garments in Arab clothing. Rather the boys simply wear smaller versions of their parents' clothing. This is a little different for girls who in conservative families did not have to wear the all emcompasing garments like their mothers. Actually we see children more likely to wear Western dress, we assume beause it is more practical and less expensive. For childrem, Arab dress was often reerved for dress up occassions, family gatherings and holidays. An important factor is affluence. Arab traditional styles seem particularly prominent in the wealthy oil states like Kuwait. Although we also see them in poor, backward countries like Yemen.


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