United States Suit Vests: Types

at the Morton studio Figure 1.--This CDV portrait was taken in Providence, Rhode Island, probably in the early 1870s. He wears a cross tie. Notice his best. Iy is a collar buttoning vest.

We note two different types of vests. There were both collar buttoning and "V" front vests. We believe that the collar-buttoning blouse was essentially a boy's garment. We don't see men wearing these blouses. They were worn mostly in the mid-19th century. The examples we have found are vests with matched the suit itself. We only note these vests being worn with suit jackets. We are not yet entirely sure how common these vests were. The "V"-front blouse in contrast was designed to be worn with a lapel sack suit so as to show the necktie worn with these suits. It was worn by both boys and adults and eventually became the syandard style for the vest. These vests were worn from the mid-19th century on. We note these vests which both contrasted and matched the suits. We also notce teenagers wearing vests with thecsomber Victorian frock coats. A god example is Clarence E. Summer, we belive in the 1840s.


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Created: 6:09 AM 11/20/2008
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