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Difficult Images: Countries--Page 1

Figure 1.--Sailor suits were popular throughout Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century. HBC believes that the Russian blouse worn by the younger boy and the hair style worn by the older boy suggests that these are German boys.

Country identification is sometimes eased by ethnic styles or the ethnic makeup of certain countries. In many instances boy wear styles like sailor suits that were widely worn throughout Europe, making specific country identificaton difficult. We have acquired quite anumber of 19th and early 20th century portraits that we are having trouble identifying. Many are definitely European. Several may be German, but we are having trouble definitelvely identifying them. Some countries have no destinguishable characteristic clothing styles. Country identification has become especially difficult in recent hyears as so many tyles have crossed national borders. Modern European boys in "T" shirts, jeans, and sneakers, for example, are virtually impossible to identify.

Please let HBC know if you have any thoughts on the nationality of these families or children.

Figure 2.--I don't think it is possible to tell the nationality from the photograph. The background scene looks American. The man and his outfit looks German to me, but perhaps he is a German immigrant. The chilodren are probably both boys. The plaid dress the younger boy wear look American to me. I don;t think plid dresses were as common in Germany. The boys sailor suit looks rather American to me, but I don't know much about German sailor suits. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Figure 3.--HBC has little information on this image. It was offered for sale in a New Hersey estate sale. The seller had no information. He assumes it is American and estimates it to date to the 1940s. HBC has no additional information. The oversized beret certainly looks European.

Figure 4.--HBC has no information on this image. We are inclined to the conclusion that it is a German image. The boy on the left looks rather English wjile the boy on the right looks German as does his sailor suit--although ots plainess makes it difficult to assess. Clock on the image for a more detailed discussion.

Figure 5.--HBC assumed that this was an American portrait taken about 1920. White stockings were often worn with dressy outfits in America. The girl's cap, however, does not look America. Could this possibly be Dutch. Note the decorations on the wall. Click on the image for a more detailed discussion.

Figure 6.--HBC did not notice at first, but this boy appears to be wearing a smock. We assumed that it was probably a French boy. The portrait was obtained, however, with a group of German photographs so we are not positive. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Figure 7.--Again we do not the country here. The image was with a group of European images which looked German. This image does not look German to me. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 2, 2000
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