John Bell Hood: Family (1870s)

Figure 1.--Here we see the orphaned children of Civil ar General John Bell Hood. The twins are grouped together. The portrait was probably taken in late 1879 right after their parent's death.Note the portraits of their late father and mother. Click on the image for an enlargement.

No one ever questioned the bravery of Confederate Genera John Bell Hood, but his command of the Army of Tennessee was a disaster for the Confederacy. After the War, Hood moved to New Orleans and had some success in business. He fathered a large family, although our information is very limited. He married Anna Marie Hennen, a New Orleans native (April 30, 1868). I have no information on her background at this time. The marriage was apparently successful and with business success, the Hood family prospered. Over 11 years of marriage, they had eleven children which included three sets of twins. Hood died of yellow fever (August 30, 1879). His wife and eldest child died as a result of the epidemic as well. The epidemic ruined Hood finacially. fter. The ten surviving children were left destitute. They were adopted by seven different families in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New York. I have no information at this time on what became of the children.


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