*** Great Empires of History

Great Empires of History

Figure 1.--

Another imprtant list to compile is the great empires of history. In many ways, this list is similar to the mass killings of history, but not identical. The major dufference is that the fact thatv the British Empire was at the top of the list or near the top in terms of the great empires, but is not on the list in terms of mass killing. In fact the countries colonized by the British genderally increased in population and wealth under British rule and there were no mass killing. here are other differences, but the British Empire is the most notable difference. And particulsrly interesting because the woke mob likes to castigate Britain and the British Empire as one of the great atricities of history. They also target America which did not even have an empire of any consequence which tells you a lot about the hidden agenda of the people making these charges. The desire to avert attention fron the left-wing empires of modern times which have killed in unprecedented numbers and been among the great failures in history in all but the ability to generate military power. Many of the great empires of history generated cultural and technological achievements. This has not been the case of the totalitarian socialist empires of the 20th century, in sharp contrast to the huge cultural and tecnological achievements of America and Britain.

Sargon of Akkad





Chinese Emperors



Islamic Caliphate

Russian Empire


Ottoman Emire

Mogul Empire

Portuguesec Empire

Spanish Empire

French Empire

British Empire

American Empire

Soviet Empire

NAZI Empire


Chinese Communist Empire


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