Canadian Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothing: Long Stockings

Figure 1.--

A reader asks if there is any difference between French and English-speaking Canadians in the popularity of long stockings. One way to try to assess this is comparing English and French-language ads. Eaton's published catalogs in both French and English. An example of an ad for long stockings in the French ad in the Eatons's 1939-40 catalog, aimed principally of course at the population in Quebec. It is interesting to compare this ad with a similar one in the Eaton's English catalog for 1941-42 (Fall and Winter, p. 75). Here long stockings are advertised even more prominently with eight different styles to choose from. The colors are interesting as well: Cream, Cubantan (Tanny Beige), Frivolity (Dark Fawn), Medium Fawn, Plain Fawn, Black, White, and Mid Fawn. The Fawn shades, which obviously dominate, are of course all shades of tan or light brown. Another interesting feature of the 1941-42 ad is the sizing. One of the choices in long stockings, designated as specifically "for boys," comes in sizes up to 10 1/2--large enough to fit a boy about 15 or 16.


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