* Polish mail order catalogs and advertisements with boys clothes

Polish Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothing

Figure 1.--This is an illudstration from an unidentified 1904 Polis catalog. The caption read, "Fig. 8. Sukienka dia dziewczynki od 3-4 l Fig. 9. Ubranko dia chlopczyka od 9-10 l". Thgat translates as 'Fig. 8. Outfit for girls aged 3-4 years. Fig. 9. Outfit for boys aged 9-10 years." It is a little in a mail morder catalog to offer items with such specufic age ranges.

We have not yet archived any Polish catalogs in the HBC archive. We know there were some, but at this time we have virtually no information. We have some items from the early-20th century. At the time, most of Poland was part of the Tsariust Empire. A reader has sent an illustration from an unidentified 1904 catalog with an outfit for a boy and girl. The catalog was punlished in Polish. The items pictured could have been from any European country. We have also found a catalog page from a the Lev Rubasskin store in Lodz during 1912. The fashions here also look similar to the styles worn throughout Europe. Lodz was part of the Tsarist Empire. Lodz was a city largely populated by ethnic Poles and Polish speakers with a substantial Jewish population. The catalog was published in Russian. We have no information at this time on the inter-War era when Poland had achieved its independence. We think that there wsere catalogs. After World War II the Soviets imposed Communism and a socilaist economy on Poland. As far as we know thee were no mail order catalogs in Poland during the Communist era. We think this was a common phenomenon in all Communist countries. The inefficencies of socialist economics meant that there were huge shortages of consumer goods, thus there was no need for either advertising or mail order catalogs to facilitate sales. Polish socialist enterprises were unable to satisfy consumer demand through brick and motar stores, let alone mail morder dustribution. The problem for Communist Poland as supply was inadequte was to limit, not increase demand. This is part of the reason that Communist countries and socialist economies always fail. Those that survive only do so because they are police states.


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