Japanese Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothing

Figure 1.--We do not the date of this Japanese catalog illustration, but it looks reasonably recent--perhaps the 1990s. This was one of the school uniform offerings.

We have only limited information on the Japanese clothing catalogs and advertisements as well as fashion magazines at this time. Japan is a difficult country to assess because we do not have Japanese language capability. We have some limited information on Japanese catalogs. So far we only have images from a few catalogs. We do not yet have any ad copy from these catalogs and some images we have are not dated. Hopefully our Japanese readers will help us build this section.


Japanese mail order catalogs and advertisements offer a great deal of information on specific clothing styles and garments worn over time. We are at this early stage of developing our catalog archive focusing primarily on the chronological pages. We will eventually list these pages in both sections. We have some catalog pages without dates which we are initially archiving here.


Japanese mail order catalogs and newspaper advertisements offer a very useful time line on changing fashion trends. I am not sure precisely when mail order catalogs first appeared in Japan. We suspect the 1950s or late 40s, but cannot yet confirm this. Fashions magazines were also of some importance. HBC has begun collect mail order pages. Advertisements appeared in the newspapers before the first mail order catalogs appeared. Here we are hoping that our Japanese readers will assisst us.

Fashion Magazines

At this stage of HBC's devlopmnt, we are archiving available mail order catalogs, store catakogs, and fashion magzines together. We may eventully separate these differentbpublications, but as there are only a limited number we know about at this time, we have combined hem on one page. This page present the differnt title that we know about. We still have very limited information on Japanesefshion magazines.


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Created: October 12, 2003
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