European Royalty: Denmark--Queen Margrethe II (1972- )

Figure 3.--Queen Margarethe II and Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat are seen here with their children Joachim and Frederik about 1980.

Since 1972 Queen Margrethe II has reigned the country. First of all she is taking care of her officialduties as the Queen. She is married to a Frenchman and has two sons. But at the same time Queen Margrethe is a very modern queen: She is a painter, ascenographer, a writer, a speaker, a translator and a debater ofsocial issues. Crown Prince of Denmark (born 26 May 1968) will be the first Danish king with a university degree. On completing his studies in political science and constitutional law at the University of Århus, Crown Prince Frederik can add the letters a Master's Degree in Political Science (M.Sc.) to the titles he was born with. This tells us something not only about the Prince's abilities and ambitions, but also about the demands that will be made upon a future head of state in an ancient monarchy, where the monarch does not sit purely symbolically at the head of the table in the Council of State, but where the survival of kingship has been placed in the hands of the personality who is expected both to preserve and to renew the tradition. Like his mother, the Crown Prince has been given a thorough all­round education. But the Queen and Prince Henrik have always stressed that he must find the boots that fit him best. Crown Prince Frederik and his brother Prince Joachim (born June 7, 1969) attended a private school, and they both matriculated from regaard Secondary School (1986). The Crown Prince served with the Royal Lifeguards, then continued his career with the Regiment of Hussars, where he is now a first­lieutenant of the Reserve.

Christopher Wagner

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