German royalty -- Frederich Wilhelm's clothes

Crown Prince Frederich Wilhelm: Family Relationships

Figure 1.--Here we see Crown Princess Victoria with her brother Prince Adalbert and the wife of Crown Prince William and her children. It seems a friendly group. but notice how Princess Victoria seems to be ignoring her nephews. They look to be on the royal yacht. The boys all wear identical white sailor suits. I'm not sure what it says on the cap tallies but it appears to be S.M.S. Hohenzollern.

We do not have a great deal of information about the family relationships yet. The Crown Prince reportedly frequently quarled with his father, the Kaiser Willhelm II. In many ways the Crown Prince's behavior was not unlike Wilhelm's behavior before his father's untimely death. The Kaiser ordered him removed from the command Death's Head Hussars. We see portraits of the Crown Princess with her brothers and sister in laws. As far as we know, Princess Cecilies got on reasonably with them, although we have few details at this time. Both the Kaiser's and Crown Prince's relationship with the children seem from the photographs to have been warm and caring. The portraits seem more intimate than comparable British portraits of the royal family.


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