Wilhelm II's: Sailor Suits

Figure 1.-Prince Wilhelm was photographed here with his pet dog, probanly in 1861. He looks to be 2 years old. We are not sure if this was his first sailor suit, but it is the first we have noted.

We notice Wilhelm at a very young age wearing sailor suits. The first portrait we know of shows Wilhelm at about age 2, probably in 1861 wearing what looks like a knickers sailor suit with stripped stockings (figure 1). It looks to be a plain white suit. He seems to be wearing spats with his sailior suit. This shows that Wilhelm was breached at a very young age. We note another portrait of Wilhelm about 4-5 years of age wearing a plain long pants sailor suit without detiling and a large saucer-type sailor cap. He is with his mother and would have been about 1863-64. The sailor suit Prince Wilhelm wears looks rather like the sailor suit his Uncle Bertie wore in the famous Winterhalter portrait.


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Created: 10:57 PM 11/8/2004
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