Princess Ludovica/Louise (1808-92)

We know vety little about Princess Ludovica herself. Hopefully we will acquire some basic information as HBRC grows. Princess Ludovica is, however, important in European dynastic terms because her daughter Elizabeth (Sissi ) married Austrain Emperor Franz Josef.


King Maximillian I

Kurfürst Max IV Joseph, a distant cousin of Kurfürst Karl Theodor, succeeded to the throne. He was elevated in 1806 to King Maximilian I Joseph by Napoleon through the treaty of Pressburg, , in thanks for Bavaria's joining the French cause. Bavaria was now a kingdom for the first time in its history. The king, formerly the Elector Maximilian I Joseph, assisted Napoleon in his wars, and in return received large additions of territory. In 1813, however, Maximilian contrived to change sides opportunely, and thus managed to have confirmed to him, by the treaties of 1814-15, an extent of territory nearly as valuable as the possessions which he had gained as an ally of Napoleon, and which he had now to restoreto Austria. A new constitution was granted in 1818 which restablished the the authority of the Crown. Max Joseph arranged a grand festival in 1810 to mark the wedding of his son, crown prince Ludwig, to Therese Charlotte Luise, Princess of Saxony-Hildburghausen. This was the first Oktoberfest. Another son is noted for a daughter, the Princess Elizabeth, a future Queen of Belgium.

Catharine of Baden Zähringen

Max Joseph second marriage was with Catharine of Baden Zähringen in 1797. Her father was Karl Ludwig of Baden (1755- ). Her mother was Amalie Friederike of Hessen-Darmstadt (1754- )



There were seven children from her father's second marriage. Not obly did Ludovica's daughter marry in to the Austrian royal family, but her own sister Elizabeth married into the Prussian royal family.


Princess Ludoviva married Duke Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria (1808-88), but we know nothing about him at this time.


Princess Ludovica and Duke Maximilian had eight children. At this time we have only limited inforation about many of them. We know vurtualy nothing about their oldest son Ludwig. Their oldest daufgter Helene was suposed to marry the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, but her beautiful and engaging younger sister attracted the young Emperor's attention. Helene eventually married Maximilian Anton Lamoral, Prince of Thurn & Taxis. It was Elizabeth who married Fraz Joseph and became Emperess of Austria. The relationship between Elizabeth and Franz Joseph was one of the great love stories of European royalty and ended tragically. Karl Theodor was known as "Gackel". He married Princess Maria Josepha (de Bragança) of Portugal. Princess Ludovica and Duke Maximilian also has a grandchild that became Queen of Belgium.


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