German Royalty--Reuss: Modern Princes

Figure 1.--These are the two children of Prinzenpaares Heinrich XXXIII von Reuss j. L. Die Kinder des Prinzenpaares meant the children of the royal couple Heinrich. (A reader explains tht it is the genetive form of the word Paar (couple).

We do not yet have a lot of information on the modern princes of Reuss. We do know than Henry XXII (Heinrich XXII) was a strong critic of Kaiser Wilhelm and Bismarck. But Reuss was not large enough to have any major impact on Germany. Hopefully we will over time learn more about the royal family.

Henry VII (1825-1906)

We are throughly confused about the Reuss royal family. The European royalty site refers to Prince Heinrich VII Reuss and his sons Heinrich XXXII and Heinrich XXXIII. How the numbering got from 7 to 32 we have no idea. We have also note a reference to Heinrich XXII at about the same time. So our understanding of the royal family is limited at this time. Hopefully a reader will help us out here.

Henry XXII (18??-1902)

Henry (Heintrich) XXII (XXXII?) of Reuss was notable for his hatred of Prussia. He joined with Austria in the Austro-Prussian War (1866), also called the German Civil war. Prussia, guided by Cancellor Otto von Bismarck, smashed the Austrian Army and the samller forces of the German states which had joined Austria. Prussian troops occupied Reuss, but unlike other defeated German royal families, they were not deposed by the Prussians. I am not sure why. Bismarck did force Reuss to join the North German Confederation. After the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) small Reuss had no alternative but to follow the other German states into the new German Empire (1871). Even within the Empire, Henry XXII continued to criticize Bismarck and developments within the Empire. He was the most outspoken of all the German princes in his criticism. In this regard he took a very different position from the other confederate princes. He remained until his death (1902) an implacable enemy of Prince Bismarck and of the conditions created in Germany by the foundation of the Empire. Ironically, is granddaughter would marry Kaisser ilhelm II after te death of his first wife.


We have no information on Henry XXXIII at this time. We note he was referred to in German as Prinzenpaares--the royal couple. We have found a portrait of his two children (figure 1). We believe that they are: Marie Luise Prinzessin Reuss zu Köstritz (1915-85) and Heinrich II Prinz Reuss zu Köstritz (1916- ). You can see the whole royal family at about the same time.

Henry XXIV (1878- )

Henry XXIV was born in 1878, but he was not of sound mind when his father died in 1902. A regency devolved to the the princes of the younger line of Reuss. After the death of Henry XXIV, the last scion of the younger line, the Principalities of Reuss-Greiz and Reuss-Schleitz will be united.

Prince Hans Georg

The photograph here shows Prince Hans Georg with his mother Princess Johann Georg Reuss zu Schoenaich-Carolath of the Elder Line. I am not sure yet how they fit into the royal Reuss line. The photograph is undated, but looks to have been taken just before or even during World War I (1914-18)

Princess Hermine

The daughter of Prince Henry XXII of Reuss, Princess Hermine married the former Kaiser II soon after his wifes's death in 1922. In is somewhat surprising that given her father's vocal criticism of both Bismarck and the German Empire that Princess Hermine would marry Kaisser Wilhelm.


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