Jordan's Hashemite Monarchy: King Talal I

Figure 1.--King Talal had thre sons, Hussein and his younger brothers Hassan and Mohamed.


Talal's father was King Abdullah I who was assainated in 1951 by a Palestinian.



We are not sure who King Talal's wife was. They had three sons. King Talal ibn Abdullah instilled in his sons the need for humility and empathy in a monarch. The home in which King Hussein was born was a modest one in the center of modern residential Amman. Talal's sons included:


Hussein was Talal's eldest son. I know few details about his childhood, but believe he was educated in England.


Hassan was Talal's second son. After Hussein became king, Hassan served as Crown Prince and the intelectual Hassan was widely expected to suceed his brother. He virtually ran the country during his brother's sicknes. Apparently he was replacing his Nephew's supporters in the Army with his own when King Hussein in January 1999 announced a change in the succession.



Abdullah's son, Talal, who succeeded him, was according to Hashemite family sources popular with his citizens as the initiator of the second Jordanian constitution, the basis for the present system of democracy. The actual situation was considerably different. King Talal was declared unfit to rule by parliament because of mental illness after reigning only one year (in August 1952). Talal abdicated in favour of his eldest son, Hussein ibn-Talal, who was crowned king on his 18th birthday, on May 2, 1953.

King Hussein

From his youth, when his grandfather, Abdullah, was gunned down at his side in Jerusalem Hussein's life has been a dramatic one. Hussein ibn Talal, is the third king of Jordan. Hussein assumed his constitutional powers as king on reaching the tender age of 18 on May 2nd 1953. Hussein has been at the helm of Jordan and at the heart of Middle Eastern affairs ever since.

Christopher Wagner

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