Luxembourg Grand Duchess Charlotte: Children

Figure 1.--Here is the royal family in an undated portrait before World War II in the royal palace. Grand Duchess Charlotte and her husband Felix poses with all six children. We would guess the portrait was taken about 1933.

Charlotte and Félix had six children. The family included four girls and two boys. John ( Jean ) who was the first child born in 1921. The other children were born in relatively short secession. The youngest child was Alix who was born in 1929. We know very little about the family and the childhood of the children at this time. The royal family fled the country when the Germans invaded for a second time (1940). They spent the war in Britain, returning after the War. Grand Duchess Charlotte abdicated in favor of John in 1964.

John (1921- )

John or Jean in France was born in 1921. we do not yet know much about his childhood. After the German 1940 invasion, he escaped with his family to Portugal and then on to Britain. Like his father he fought with the Allied armies against the Germans. He is the present Grand Duke.

Elizabeth (1922- )

Princess Elizabeth was born in 1922). She married HSH Franz, Duke of Hohenberg (1927–1977). They had children.

Marie Adelaide (1924-2007)

Princess Marie-Adélaide was born in 1924. She married Karl, Count Henckel of Donnersmarck (1928- ). Adelaide died in 2007.

Marie Gabriele (1925- )

Marie Gabrile was born in 1925. She was presumably named after their Portuguese (Bavarian) relations, Crown Princess Marie Gabriele, an aunt, who died tragically in 1912. She married Knud, Count of Holstein-Ledreborg (1919–2001). They had children.

Charles (1927-77)

Charles was born in 1927. We have been able to find little information about him. After the Germans invaded the Grand Duchy in 1940, his parents took him with them when they fled first to Portugal and then England. Unlike his older brother John, he was too young to serve in World War II. He presumably went to school in England. He married Joan Dillon (1935- ), a commoner, in 1967. She was the divorced wife of James Brady Moseley. They had two children, Charlotte (1967- ) and Robert (1968- ). Charles wore short pants suits as a boy as well as some colorful casual wear.

Alix (1929- )

Princess Alix was born in 1929. She married Antoine Maria Joachim Lamoral, 14th Prince de Ligne (1925–2005).


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