Luxemburg Royalty: Grand Duke William (Guillaume) IV (1905-12)

Figure 1.--This is Prince Guillaume, the future Grand Duke Guillaume IV. I'm not sure when the portrait was taken. The portrait is marked 1859.

William (Guillaume) von Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, was born in 1852. His father was Adolphe von Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxemburg (1817- ). His mother was Adelaide von Anhalt-Dessau (1833- ). He married Maria Annade Braganša, Infants of Portugal in 1893. They had six children. Two became Grand Duchesses: Marie Adela´de (1894-1924) and Charlotte (1896-70). The other children were: Hilda (1897- ), Antoinette (1899- ), Elizabeth (1901- ), and Sophie (1902- ). Germany occupied Luxembourg during World War I (1914). Princess Antoinette during the World War I German occupation became close to Bavarian Crown Press Rupprechtwho commanded the Sixth Arm and later an army group. The hoped to marry at the end of the War, but that proved impossible. They did marry after the Was (2921). We have no information at this time on how the children were dressed. The laws of succession were changed by Family Statute of April 16, 1907, permitting the eventual succession of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Nassau titles through the female line.


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