Dutch Royalty: Princess Margriet (1943- )

Figure 1.--Here are two of Queen Juliana's grand children. The boy on the right is Prince Maurits of Oranje-Nassau, the eldest son of Princess Margarit. The boy on the left is Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, eldest son of Princess Irene, Margarit's elder sister.

Princess Margriet was the third child of Queen Juliana (at the time Crown Princess) and Berhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld (1911- ). She was born in Canada 1943 during World war II. The Netherlands was in vaded an occupied by NAZI Gwrmany (May 1940). Queen Wilhemina escaped with the royal family to Britain. The Queen stayed in London to head the Dutch Government in Exile. Fearing that Britain might also be invaded, she sent Crown Princess Juliana to Canada for safty. It was while she was in Canada that she gave birth to Princess Margriet. The Netherlands was liberated (1944-45). Thus the Princess grew up in the Netherlands after the War. Princess Margariet married Pieter van Vollenhoven (1939- ) in 1967. Their had four children. The eldest son was Maurits (1968- ). Prince Maurits grew up in Apeldoorn where he attended school. He graduated from the Veluws College where he obtained his VWO grades (1987). The Prince then served in the Marines for two years, but due to a backinjury was forced to persue a career as a naval officer. He married Marie-Helène; Angela (Marilène) van den Broek (1970- ) (1998). She was the youngest daughter of the politician Hans van den Broek (1936- ) and Joséphine Adriana Antoinette van Schendel (1943- ). The marriage took place on May 29/30, 1998 in Apledoorn. Princess Margriet's olther children are: Berhard (1969- ), Pieter-Christiaan (1972- ), and Floris (1975- ).


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