Emperor Franz Josef: Death (November 1916)

Figure 1.--Here Archduke Karl and his wufe Archduchess Zita with Prince Otto march in the Vienna funeral procession of Emperor Franz Josef (November 1916). The Emperor died during World War I.

Emperor Franz Joseph was not directly involved in the conduct of the War. He would live for another 2 years after the War began. He relied on his military high command to conduct the War. He stayed mostly in the Schonbrunn Palace. As he began to decline and the war dragged on with devestating results, he began to think his Empire would not survive the War. Emperor Franz Joseph died in the Schönbrunn Palace with the War still raging (November 21, 1916). He is reported to have died singing "Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze, Unsern Kaiser" ("God Save the Emperor"). He was 86 years old, one of the longest serving monarchs in European history. His grand-nephew Karl I succeeded him and had the task of saving the Empire. The War by this stage was largely in German hands. Only a German victory would have saved the Empire.


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