Unidentified Members of the Hapsburg Family

Figure 1.--This is Princess Auguste of Bavaria (1875-1964) with her husband Archduke Joseph of Austria (1872-1962). We know that Ayguste was the daugther of Prince Leopold and Princess Gisela of Bavaria. We do not yet know how Archduke Joseph fits into the Hapsburg family. They are pictured with Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria (1895-1957) in 1902. Joseph Franz would have been about 6 years old and wore a traditionally styled sailor suit. He holds a hoop which he no doubt enjoyed playing with.

We have acquired several portraits of Hapsburgs which we cannot at this timeconnencr to the ruling monarchs. This includes both arch dukes and arch duchesses. We know the names, it is just that we do not know their ancestry so we can connect them with the reigning monarch pages around whom our royalty pages are organized. We would greatly appreace any leads that our readers may have so that we can add the appropriate links. We assume that these unlinked Hap[sburgs are related to younger brothers and sisters of reigning monarchs.

Archduke Joseph (1872-1962)

We have the portrait of Archduke Joseph here (figure 1). He married Princess Auguste of Bavaria (1875-1964). We are not sure yet who their father is and how he fits into the Hapsburg royal line. We do know that Princess Auguste is the daughter of Bavarian Prince Leopold and Austrian Archduchess Gisela who was the daughter of Emperor Franz Ferdinand. Here we see them in 1902 with their son Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria (1895-1957). Jose Franz would have been 6 years old, but looks a little younger. Perhaps the date attribution is slightly off. Joseph Franz wore a traditionally styled sailor suit. He holds a hoop which he no doubt enjoyed playing with.

Countess (Archduchess) Hedwig (1896- )

We notice a family portrait of Countess Hedwig zu Stolberg's (former Archduchess of Austria) on the occassion of her 70th birthday in 1966. She was photographed with her adult children their spouses and her grandchildren. This is a major Hapsburg family photograph, but we are not sure yet how Countess Hedwig fits into the Hapsburg royal family. Hopefully one of our readers will provide some information about the Countess.


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Created: April 2, 2004
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