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Figure 1.--We are not sure where is Asis this school was located. We think that it was either Hong Kong or Singapoere, but we are not sure which country. Nor are we sure wjen he photograph was taken, probbly about 2000.

Public schools were a Western inovation that Asian countris obly began implemnting with indondence adter World War II. Japan was the only Asian country to launch apublic school system. Thy did not at first have uniforms, but gradually did so. They influenced uniform styles in Korea and Taiwan. China of course had an education system, but only for the elite seeking positions in the imperial service. The European colonial powers promoted the establishment of some schools, but only for a relatively small minoity. The Americans did this in the Philippines, but none of the European powers did this. Missionaries played oler un the chools. A few had European styled uniforms. Clothing at these schools help to identify them. We have not been able to identiffy all of the school images we have found. Of course ethnicity is helpful, but not always definitive even if we are able to identify the particular ethnicity involved. After independence we see the developmnt of public chool systems throughout Asia. Unlike Europe, many Asian countries Adopted school uniforms which are also helpful in identifying the countries involved.

Carefull, clicking on these will exit you from the Boys' Historical Clothing web site, but several are highly recommended

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  • Apertures Press British eBook: New book on British Preparatory schools available
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