Czechoslovakian Schoolwear: Individual Schools

Figure 1.--The children in this 4th grade class at the Hodejice School in 1965 are all wearing their red Young Pioneer scarves, but not their uniforms. I think they only wore uniforms on special days, but do not yet have details. Notice a few children are not wearing the scarves. Also note most of the guirls are wearing long stockings.

We have at this time very limited information on individual Czech schools. School portraits are a wonderful source of information on contemprary children's fashion. We have found information on a few schools. We hope to gradually add more schools here to develop a better insight on Czech schoolwear and educational trends over time. Hopefully Czech reders will provide some information about their schools.

Adršpach School

Another primary school is the Adršpach School, located in the Czech portion of Czechoslovakia. It looks to be a small village primary school. The whole school is only about 30 children and it looks to be set in a rural area. The images we have are from the 1950s. They show that economic conditions were still quite poor in the early 50s, but had improved considerably by the late 50s. The children were still not wearing uniforms.


We have noted an interesting Czech school site Školní rok, but apparently this means school year in Czech. The school is located in Hodejice. The site provides glimses of schoolwear from the 1960s-2000s at a typical Czech primary school. Unfortunately as the site is in Czech, we can not tell much about the school. The children wear uniforms in some photographs, but their regular clothes in other photographs. The building looks like a substantial edifice so we believe this is an urban school. Hopefully our Czech readers will tell us more about the school.

Paskov Village School

This undated photo was taken at the school of Paskov, a village in the Czech Republic (at the time Czechoslovakia) near the border with Poland. Although almost all boys are wearing shirts and ties, most of them are barefoot. While undated, the portrait was taken during the ibnter-War era, probanly about 1930.

Smiricích School

We do not know much about Smiricích School at this time. It looks to be a primary school. We have a few images from the school. One image from the Smiricích School in what is now the Czech Republic was taken just before World War I. This is interesting, because we have an image from the same school just after the War after which Czechoslovakia had achieved its independence. Smiricích is a Czech village about 120 east from Prague. It seems a typical Czech village school. The image taken during Austrian rule was taken in 1913. It is notable for the range of outfits worn by the boys. Note that the portrait shows a coed group. The image here was taken just after the War in 1922 when Czechoslovakia was a new independent country (figure 1). The boys seemed dressed similarly to German children. The image shows an all boys group. I'm not sure, but it seems that the Czechs after independence may have separated boys and girls in the schools.

Unidentified Prague Elementary Schoo

These are children at an unidentified Czech primary school. The children here are probably first or second graders. The portrait was taken in Prague during 1931. The children seem to be about 6 or 7 years old. All the children, both boys and girls, seem to be wearing long stockings with hose supporters. Notice the girl in the first row, the last on the left, whose supporter clasps are showing at the hem of her dress. Most of the stockings are beige or tan, but the boy in the first row, fourth from the right, wears the older style black stockings. Czech school clothes during the 1930s seem to be very similar to German styles. Notice the relative informality of the dress--no neckties for the boys and very few suit jackets. All the boys wear open collars.


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