Japanese School Uniform Headwear: Wide-brimmed Hats--Wearing the Hats

Figure 1.--These Western boys were attnding a Japanese schools an apparently learning Japanese. we wonder how that affected their home country language ability. Notice how they are wearing the hats squarely set on their heads. Mother seems to have adjusted the brims a little. Put your cursor on the image to see how mother pushed back the front of the hat to take another snapshot.

There were various ways of these wide brimmed hats. We are not sure if the schools instructed the children on how to wear them properly. Of course there were probably differences from school to school. We do not see them being worn cocked to one side, but they could be worn back on the head to varying degrees so the front of the hat was up a bit. We see some patents doing this when taking photographs. We see the same tendencu at play in 19th century studio portaits when these hats were comommon in the West. When hats were worn, especially broad-brimmed hats, mother would pull them back so more of the boy's face and some of his hair was vissible. nothr option on some hts as adjusting the brims a little. This seems to have been dome slightly with the brims here (figure 1). Many hats were not very plyable nd the brims could not be adhusted. For the most part, however, the Japanese school children seem to have worn them fairly well seated on the head with the front and back of the hat about the same height, perhaps the front raised up a bit. This is probably how the parents sent the children off to school. The older children might have adjusted them a bit, mostly raising the front a littlke. Here we are not yet sure and we will need more images to fully assess just how the children were wearing them.


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