** school uniform garments: the kilt

School Uniform Garments: The Kilt

Figure 1.--Many Scottish schools have daily uniforms of a blazer and short or long pants, but for dress wear tweed jackets with kilts.

The kilt has been worn as the school uniform primarily in Scotland. It is usually thecdress up uniform, but a fewcschools have used it as the standard every day uniform. It has also been worn at a few Irish schools. While English and Welsh boys, in addiution to American boys, have worn kilt outfits as a dress garment, they have not been worn in the schools with a few minor exceptions.


HBC at this time has only limited information as to kilts used in English school uniform. Some unconfirmed reports indicate that a few English preparatory schools used the kilt as a dress uniform. There does not appear to have been a large number of these schools, but were a few. One Catholic secondary student reports that both boys and girls wore the kilt at her secondary school through the mid 1990s. HBC knows of no English school that currently has a kilt uniform.


A few Irish schools have also used the kilt as the school uniform. One school required that it be worn as the main school uniform. I know little, however, about the use of the kilt in Irish schools beyond this one school.


Many Scottish and schools employed the kilt as part of the school uniform. I know little about uniform practices at Scottish schools in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Some schools may have required it be worn as the main school uniform, but I have no information on this. Modern practices at Scottish schools vary between state and private schools. The kilt is not normally worn at state schools. Most private schools, however, use the kilt worn with a tweed jacket as the principal dress uniform. Given the cost of the kilt, however, it is not used for everyday wear. Schools now only requirethe kilt on special occasions and Sundays.


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Created: October 27, 1998
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