Tights: Croatia

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Some younger boys wore tights in the 1960s and 70s. Usually they were worn with long pants during the winter. Boys' clothing styles were influenced by German fashions.


HBC has little chronological information on tights in Croatia. One HBC observer reports wearing them during the 1960s as a nursery school boy. He indicates that other boys also wore them.


Croatian boys clothes were strongly influenced by German styles. Tights were worn by German boys which may in part explain why the were worn in Croatia.


Some mothers considerd tights were very stylish when worn with short pants for dress up occassions. White tights were particularly popular for dressy outfits. One Croatian reports wearing a white blouse, shortall and white tights. It was based on an outfit from a German publication. This style was not, however, very popular with boys who considered it rather a girlish lool.


Boys in nurtsery schools often wore tights in the winter. Usually they were worn with long pants. They would wear white, red or blue tights under their long trousers. Some younger boys wore them with short pants, but this was not very popular with the boys.


Mostly younger boys wore tights in Croatia. They were most common in nursery school. But a few boys in grade school up to about Grade 5 also wore them in the winter, usually with long pants.


Boys might wear white tights for dressy occasions. Blue was probably the most common color for boys. Red was a;lso worn, but this masay have been boys with older sisters wearing hand me downs.

Current Situation

Even now tights worn under long trousers are common but for small boys, until they came to school. Oour HBC Croatian correspondent reports that you can buy tights brand named "for boys and girls" (up to age 12). In te 1960s it was common to brand name kids tights by male names like "Zoran" or so. Now boys are not wearing tights with shorts, but some mothers dress their younger boys in tights with (or without) shorts at home.

Personal Experiences

Stylish mother: A Croaian boy's experiences during the 1960s

Christopher Wagner


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Created: April 7, 2000
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