Sailor Caps: Gender

Figure 1.--Here we see two German girls with identical oytfits including sailor caps about 1910. We have seen mostly boys wearing these caps, but a German readervtells us that girls did wear them in Germany. Image courtesy of Album1900.

We note both boys and girls wearing sailor hats, often hats with identical styling. Sailor caps, however, were mostly worn by boys. Virtually all the different styles of sailor caps were essentially boy garments. That said, we have noticed a few images of girls wearing some styles of sailor caps. Here there may be some country differences. A German reader tells us that she has noted German girls wearing sailor caps. This seems much less common in America and Britain. It may be somewhat more common among girls with older brothers. This is our initial assessment. Tghere may be some pertinent images already archived, but there are not many that immeiately come to mind. We do recall British princess Mary wearing a cap similar to the ones the German girls here are wearing.



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Created: 5:42 AM 1/20/2005
Last updated: 5:42 AM 1/20/2005