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American bangs siblings
Figure 1.--Here we see two brothers with identical bangs cuts, although they look a bit different. They were from Morrison, Illinois. The portrait is not dated, but we would guess was taken about 1910. This is in part the grey frame with flaps. A popular style for studio portraits in the early 20th century. A reader asks, "What color are the long stockings here? They look a little to light for black, but we can see so little of them." Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

American Bangs: Siblings

We note many American portraits where the boys have similar or identical hair cuts. One of the most common styles used were bangs. This convention od similar hair styles was most common for younger boys and bangs were apopular style for this age group. This was even a style that could be used for boys and girls, especially after World war I when bobbed hair for girls became popular. There were many ways of cutting bangs. The different age or shape of the head affected how the bangs were cut. We see a lot of these family portaits with similar or indentical bangs cuts in the early-20th century.


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