Long Hair: Medium Length

Figure 1.--Here we see three Americasn brothers, probably in the 1850s, with their hasir covering all or part of their ears. This was also common style in the 1840s and 50s, but cuts gradually became shorter in the 1860s.

Boys have worn different styles of long hair. These styles have been worn in both historical and modern eras. We note both men and boys in the mid-19th century wearing their down to or over their ears. Many examples are archived on HBC. A good example is an American boy, Clarence E. Summers, probably in the 1840s. Another American example is an unidentified boy in 1947. While we see many boys with their ears partially covered, it was much less common to coiver the entire ear. By the late-19th century we see boys wearing long ringlet curls. Not all boys with long hair had it done in long ringlets. We see boys with other syyles. R. Demarst, a 6-year old Chicago boy, had long hair tht was not curled abnd not down to the shoulders. Contemporary boys do not seem to favor long hair, but the styles are less rigid than before and more open to personal choice so long hair is occcasionally seen in the 1990s. Long hair has been worn in a wide range of lengths. A popular style for little boys has been longish over the ears hair, but not not uncut shoulder length hair. Only little boys or boys schooled at home would wear this as virtually all their contemoraries wore short hair. Many British mothers would keep their boys' hair long until they went off to their preparatory boarding school at about 8 years of age. Often the hair was natuarally curled, but mothers by the 1920s were no longer commonly curling it.


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Created: January 25, 1999
Last edited: 5:12 AM 1/14/2011